Our long lasting expe­rien­ce in welding dese­rves spe­cial atten­tion. We exe­cu­te tech­ni­cal­ly advan­ced welded struc­tu­res with very diver­si­fied ove­rall dimen­sions and weight reaching 30 t.

We have autho­ri­za­tions for welding works under DIN 18800 T7 and DIN 15018 /cranes/ gran­ted by SLV, and autho­ri­za­tions gran­ted by Tech­ni­cal Inspec­tion Offi­ce (UDT) for pro­du­cing cra­nes ele­ments and repa­iring cra­nes and over­he­ad cranes.

We offer welding of con­struc­tio­nal ste­els in full ran­ge of strength from ordi­na­ry low-car­bon ste­els to fine-gra­ined high-strength ste­els type S1100QL.

We also exe­cu­te welding of alu­mi­nium struc­tu­res accor­ding to Welding Cer­ti­fi­ca­te EN1090-3 EXC4.

We apply welding methods:
— semi-auto­ma­tic MIG-welding and MAG-welding, using solid and flux-cored wires
— auto­ma­tic hid­den arc welding
— cove­red elec­tro­des manu­al arc welding

We have suita­ble instru­men­ta­tion ena­bling welding of lar­ge-size struc­tu­res in best posi­tions. We pro­vi­de welded joints inspec­tions: liqu­id-pene­trant inspec­tion, magne­tic par­tic­le inspec­tion, radio­gra­phic inspec­tion and ultra­so­nic testing. 

We employ expe­rien­ced welders autho­ri­zed under EN-287–1. Welding tests we car­ry out in our welding labo­ra­to­ry like­wi­se we work out welding instruc­tions (WPS).