Our paint cabins are designed to be industrially used for painting medium and large-size elements. Our paint cabins offer a high production efficiency.
Painting is made by spray painting in painting cabins. Many years’ experience ensures high quality of painted surfaces. 

Painting and drying cabin
Painting and drying cabin

We have two modern Sci­Te­eX pain­ting and dry­ing booths for spray pain­ting with dimen­sions 18000x5000x5000 (equ­ip­ped with pneu­ma­tic baskets for painters)

The­se booths possess the fol­lo­wing features: 

  • Modern tech­no­lo­gy (dust-free ope­ra­tion, paint over­spray col­lec­tion sys­tem, sta­ble spray­ing tem­pe­ra­tu­re, ele­va­ted dry­ing temperature)
  • High pro­duc­tion effi­cien­cy (weather con­di­tion inde­pen­dent ope­ra­tion, ele­va­ted tem­pe­ra­tu­re in the dry­ing phase)
  • Envi­ron­men­tal frien­dly (effi­cient dust col­lec­tion, low solvent vapor con­cen­tra­tion, low air pol­lu­tant emission)
  • Pain­ted and dry­ing booths allow to cho­ose the most favo­ra­ble fac­tors that direc­tly affect the para­me­ters of the pain­ting process.
    The dry­ing rate in a dry­ing booths is seve­ral times higher than out­si­de the booths and redu­ces the dry­ing time.
Painting and drying cabin (inside)
Painting and drying cabin (inside)

Paint shop is equ­ip­ped with Graco’s Pro­Mix 2 sys­tem. Graco’s two-com­po­­nent pro­por­tio­ner offer pre­ci­se and relia­ble elec­tro­nic plu­ral com­po­nent pro­por­tio­ner for a bro­ad ran­ge of solvent bor­ne, water­bor­ne, and acid cata­ly­zed mate­rials. From entry level to upgra­ded appli­ca­tions, the Pro­Mix 2 sys­tem pro­vi­de fle­xi­bi­li­ty and incre­ased efficiency. 

  • Offers the highest degree of ratio assurance
  • Pro­vi­des cri­ti­cal pro­cess varia­ble feedback
  • Built in sys­tem safeguards
  • Effec­ti­ve color chan­ge solution
  • Effi­cient mate­rial trac­king and reporting
Graco’s ProMix 2 system

Zakład Kon­struk­cji Spa­wa­nych Łabę­dy also possess modern degre­asing cabin with dimen­sions 18000x5000x5000 dedi­ca­ted to che­mi­cal sur­fa­ce pre­pa­ra­tion. The che­mi­cal sur­fa­ce pre­pa­ra­tion inc­lu­des washing and degre­asing. The degre­asing cabin has been desi­gned to the highest stan­dards and meets envi­ron­men­tal stan­dards. It works in clo­sed cir­cu­it , which limit waste to a minimum. 

Cleaning and degreasing cabin
Cleaning and degreasing cabin (inside)
Sort of device Para­me­ters
Pain­ting and dry­ing cabin x 2 cabin size: 18000 x 5000 x 5000mm

char­ge weight: 20000kg 

Cle­aning and degre­asing cabin cabin size: 18000 x 5000 x 5000mm
char­ge weight: 20000kg