Mechanical working

Our com­pa­ny ope­ra­te on inter­na­tio­nal mar­kets. We possess a lar­ge gro­up of satis­fied custo­mers and busi­ness part­ners for whom we pro­vi­de machi­ning services.
Mecha­ni­cal wor­king is car­ried out in the fol­lo­wing range:

  • Mil­ling
  • Tur­ning
  • Reaming
  • Dril­ling
  • Boring
  • Thre­ading and tapping

We possess a machi­ne park con­si­sting conven­tio­nal machi­ne tools such as hori­zon­tal, ver­ti­cal and uni­ver­sal mil­ling machi­nes, bench drills, mul­ti­ra­dial dril­ling machi­nes, boring and mil­ling machi­nes, uni­ver­sal cen­tre lathes, ver­ti­cal lathes, cylin­dri­cal grin­ders and sur­fa­ce grin­ders. Our orders are also reali­zed by CNC nume­ri­cal­ly con­trol­led machi­nes, such as hori­zon­tal boring cen­ters and mil­ling pla­ners, which allow pre­ci­sion machi­ning of medium and lar­ge size constructions. 

Horizontal boring centre SUPRA C135 mechanical working
Milling planer PORĘBA  mechanical working

We specialize in machining materials, which require robust machines and specialized cutting tools. We machine fine-grained, high-strength constructional steels such as S690QL, S960QL, S1100QL, and other constructional steels.

We are able to machi­ne sta­in­less ste­el and cast steel.

Mechanical working of aluminum alloys is also part of our offer.

Our com­pa­ny ope­ra­te on the mar­ket for many years. We spe­cia­li­ze in machi­ning of pumps, rotors, elbows and T-pipes for the mari­ti­me, ener­gy and mining indu­stry. We also under­ta­ke other parts for other indu­stry sectors.

In order to meet the expec­ta­tions of our custo­mers, we under­ta­ke the exe­cu­tion at eve­ry sta­ge of pro­duc­tion, whe­ther it is roughing machi­ning or pre­ci­se fini­shing of details.

Our machi­ne park allows us to pro­cess small sim­ple deta­ils as well as com­pli­ca­ted lar­ge welded constructions.

Quali­fied and expe­rien­ced staff and huge tech­no­lo­gy base guaran­te­es time­ly deli­ve­ry and high quali­ty of service.

We pro­du­ce deta­ils and ele­ments, both on the basis of our own docu­men­ta­tion and on the basis of docu­men­ta­tion pro­vi­ded by the customer. 

Horizontal boring centre DEFUM
Milling planer PORĘBA

We perform not only serial orders, but also individual ones, which gives us an advantage over other companies.

For production we use materials and tools of the highest quality from verified suppliers.

Mechanical working in our company stand on the highest level. We are progressively expand our offer by developing machine park and applying new technology to meet your expectations.

Horizontal boring centre SUPRA C135

The tool measu­re­ment pro­cess, as well as the inter-ope­­ra­­bi­­li­­ty and end-of-pro­­duct inspec­tion is based on the latest class of measu­re­ment equ­ip­ment and ope­ra­ted by quali­fied and tra­ined quali­ty con­trol staff.

Our advan­ta­ge is pro­fes­sio­na­lism and atten­tion to eve­ry deta­il of pro­duc­tion, which allows us to pro­vi­de servi­ces of the highest quali­ty. Pro­ducts made in our com­pa­ny meet custo­mer expectations.

Our goal is to pro­vi­de the highest quali­ty pro­ducts to give you maxi­mum satisfaction.

We pro­du­ce for you in com­plian­ce with ISO 9001 quali­ty mana­ge­ment sys­tem and ISO 14001 envi­ron­men­tal mana­ge­ment system. 

Sort of device Name of device Bench sur­fa­ce [mm] Shift in X axis[mm] Shift in Y axis [mm] Shift in Z axis [mm] Shift in W axis [mm] Obta­ined accu­ra­cy class
Hori­zon­tal boring centre MCTC 88 600 x 600 900 650 650 - 7÷8
Hori­zon­tal boring centre MCTC 120 1400 x 1500 2000 1400 400 1100 7÷8
Hori­zon­tal boring centre MCTC 127 1600 x 1800 2600 2000 700 1150 7÷8
Hori­zon­tal boring centre DEFUM
3000x16000 13000 1890 700 1100 7÷8
Hori­zon­tal boring centre DEFUM WYSOKI 3000x16000 13000 3000 900 1100 7÷8
Mil­ling planer RAFAMET 3000x8000 8000 3200 1130 1700 7÷8
Mil­ling planer PORĘBA 3000x10000 10000 3200 300 2600 7÷8
Hori­zon­tal boring centre SUPRA C135 3000 x 8000 rota­ting table
2500 x 4000
13500 4000 1500 - 7÷8