We make ele­ments stra­igh­te­ning and ben­ding, ensu­ring high quali­ty. We have spe­cia­li­stic instru­men­ta­tion which is the key to suc­cess in pla­tes shaping.

Sort of device Para­me­ters
Ben­ding bra­ke AP-800 pres­su­re: 800t
max. thick­ness: 25mm
max. length: 7000mm
Ben­ding bra­ke FUTURA 40–400 400T pres­su­re: 400t
max. thick­ness: 10mm
max. length: 3000mm
Coiler (rol­ler) KBBD 50/25 min. ben­ding thick­ness: 35mm
max. ben­ding thick­ness: 50mm
max. ben­ding width: 2500mm
max. stra­igh­te­ning thick­ness: 45mm
max. stra­igh­te­ning width: 2300mm
Mutli-roll mill UBR-18 for straightening min. stra­igh­te­ning thick­ness: 4mm
max. stra­igh­te­ning thick­ness: 18mm
max. stra­igh­te­ning width: 2000mm
Press LVD-400 pres­su­re: 400t
bench sur­fa­ce: 2000 x 4300mm
max. ele­ment height: 940mm
max. ele­ment thick­ness: 60mm when Rm 45kg/mm²