Company’s mission

Meeting requ­ire­ments of the mar­ket requ­est for high-quali­ty welded struc­tu­res and welding servi­ces, by maxi­mum enga­ging exi­sting tech­ni­cal poten­tial and people’ skills, on a level ensu­ring atta­ining pro­duc­tion profitability.

Company’s Stra­te­gic Purpose

Deli­ve­ry of lar­ge-size, high-pro­ces­sed welded struc­tu­res to famo­us world-wide com­pa­nies of con­struc­tion equ­ip­ment branch, power indu­stry, mining and other in opti­mum time-limits, at com­pe­ti­ti­ve pri­ces, with pro­fit ena­bling company’s fur­ther development.